Northern access roads to the new bridge over the Sava river

The main design of the first phase of the UMP from Tošin bunar street to the beginning of the bridge over the Sava river



The scope of this design is north access roads to the new bridge over the river Sava. The route starts at Tošin Bunar street and goes for 1,5km on the ground level. After passing Bulevar umetnosti street, it goes to the structure about 8m from ground level, and over 3 lanes, connects to the new Sava bridge.



The street profile consists of 3 lanes in each direction with 2 sidewalks and wide medians. Three large intersections were also designed. Besides road design and all associated infrastructure (water, sewerage, drainage, gas, electricity, telecommunications), we have done a traffic study in collaboration with competent authorities.

The light rail system is designed from Milutina Milankovica street to the new bridge between two structures for the road traffic.

Three crossroads and three interchanges are designed to link the newly designed ICSSR and the existing street network. Designed structures (bridges) are more than 10 km long.