Access roads for bridge Beška on highway E-75

Main design for of access roads for bridge Beška on highway E-75 from km 136+225 km 141+100, (left lane design).



The subjects of this technical documentation are the north and south approach roads to the bridge Beška (left carriageway of highway). Approaches are located on highway M-22 (E-75) Novi Sad–Belgrade.

The northern approach to the bridge Beška extends from km 136+225.00 to km137 +408.62 (L = 1.18km), while the southern access road extends from km139+613.62 to km141+100.00 (L=1.49km). The total length of the section is 2.67km.



The new highway lane was designed with two lanes, shoulder and median. Pavement construction design was also made as a result of analysis and exploration works.

A drainage system is designed to fulfill all environmental demands. Water from the pavement was separated and taken to the retention basin, then to the Arkanj channel through a separator. Drainage design included the bridge Beska as well as the access roads.

Design of traffic signs and equipment introduced new safety barriers according to the latest codes in this area.