The main E-75 highway design, section Grabovnica-Grdelica

Corridor X from km868+166.10 to km873+700.00



Road direction Belgrade-Niš-Northern Macedonia border is part of the European road network labeled E-75. The subject of this project is a highway E-75, section Grabovnica-Grdelica, km868+166.10 to km873 +719.94 in the length of 5,55km. And a detailed design of a parallel road accepting local traffic in two sections, km0+000,000 to km0+940.00 and km0+053,93 to km 2+809.94 in a length of 3.7 km.



New interchange Grdelica is designed to connect local traffic with the new highway. Due to unfavorable terrain conditions, many construction structures were designed (bridges and retaining walls).

A new drainage system was designed – partially pipe and partially open ditches. For all watercourses that the new highway intersects, regulation designs are done. All unpaved roads for agriculture were kept, and new ones were designed parallel to the highway, so no damage was done to the local transport.
Design of traffic signs and equipment introduced new safety barriers according to the latest codes in this area.