The main E-80 highway design Crvena reka-Čiflik

Corridor X, section Crvena reka–Čiflik, from km 40+650.00 to km 50+946.00



The subject of this design is Highway E-80 Niš-Bulgarian border, section Crvena Reka-Čiflik from km40 +650 to km50 +946.00, with a length of 10. 3km.



The start of the section on km40+650,00 is fitted with the end of the previous section in plan and level. The main object at the beginning of the section is 500m long bridge over Nišava river, existing main road M-1.12 and the railroad. Regulation of river Nišava is designed to protect poles.

After the bridge, the route passes through a wide valley. The road climbs gradually from 0.6 to 2.5%, crossing two side gullies with bridges 16.5m long. After this cut, the motorway comes to a flatter terrain where interchange Bela Palanka and rest areas for both directions are situated.

Parts of the design done by our company:

  • Design of highway,
  • Design of interchange “Bela Palanka”
  • Design of local roads
  • Design of rest areas
  • Design of traffic signing and equipment
  • Drainage design
  • Watercourses regulation design