Preliminary design of interchange Radnička

Preliminary design of interchange Radnička in position of ICSRR crossing over Radnička street and connections to the interchange “Hippodrome” and Bulevar Vojvode Mišića



Interchange Radnička is designed to connect Inner City Semi-Ring roads (ICSRR) with Radnička street and Boulevard Vojvode Mišića. ICSRR is a new road for which a new bridge over the Sava river is built. After crossing the Sava river, the road comes to the area where Radnička and Vojvode Mišića streets, tram tracks, and railroad intersect.

All of these streets are main city streets with heavy traffic. The presence of the railroad, tram tracks, and bicycle and pedestrian traffic was significant for designing the specific layout of this interchange.



The problem was solved with a semi-level ring between the railroad and ICSRR. They are connected with 6 ramps and a few more links that provide connection in every possible direction.

A rail line for the tram (metro in the future) is also designed. Designs of reconstruction and protection were done for all city utilities that pass through the area.